Community and School Involvement

sewnow! is excited to be involved in local school programs and assisting community groups.  We're pleased to provide donations and substantial discounts to schools and non-profits in our area, please let us know if there is a way we can help your organization!  

sewnow! has also been involved in a variety of successful school projects, typically focused on creating auction items.  We can customize a range of programs to help your school from a basic auction donation of sewnow! services, through to delivering educational content to students as part of the school curriculum. We have lots of fresh ideas for group quilts appropriate for all grade levels and we are ready to guide you through the process. 

sewnow! staff with local kids and teens created 20 totes for Japanese Earthquake victims

Lafayette Juniors creating comfort pillows for local breast cancer patients.

School Auction Quilt "Undersea Creatures", student drawings and signatures embroidered

School Flag created from Student artwork.

School Auction Quilt, signed by students and teachers.

National Charity League creating blankets for those less fortunate.

Teacher Gift Quilt with Embroidered Student Aliens.

Applique Flag for Lafayette Library and Learning Center.